I approach my clients with respect, compassion and in recognition that pain and suffering are givens of the human existence, shared by therapist and client alike. I see the therapeutic relationship as a relationship of equals, working together to make sense of your world and discover how you can live a healthier more fulfilling life.

Whilst I have undergone extensive training and have CBT expertise, I like to think of my clients as experts on their own problems. Combining our expertise and working together is a key component in making the changes that will ultimately help  you become your own cognitive behavioural therapist. In a sense, my job is to make myself redundant.


What to expect during your first session​

The first session is an opportunity for both us to get to know each other and explore whether we can work together.

We will discuss what brings you to therapy, your needs, goals and expectations.   If you would like to continue working together, we will come to an initial agreement about the frequency and duration of your sessions.

Length of work

Sessions generally take place once a week and last 60 minutes.  As I mentioned before, therapy can be either short term (6-20 sessions) or longer term.  This will be discussed after our assessment session and we can reach an agreement based on your needs and goals.  Generally, brief therapy is recommended if you want to address a specific issue, whereas longer term work may be more appropriate if you would like to tackle several issues or if your distress is more severe.


What we discuss in the sessions is strictly confidential.  In exceptional circumstances breaching confidentiality is both a legal and ethical requirement of professional practice (i.e. revealing that a child is being abused). The boundaries to confidentiality will be fully discussed at the onset of therapy. I abide by the BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics (read more).


I have full personal indemnity insurance.


​Fees and pricing:

For individual therapy standard appointments lasting 1 hour £60

For individual extended appointments lasting 1.5 hours (negotiated in advance as appropriate, for example for one-off, specific work such as reliving with PTSD)  £80

Telephone/Skype sessions lasting 1 hour £60


I am registered as a consultant practitioner with several health insurance providers including AXXA-PPP, Cigna and PruHealth. Your health insurer may cover your therapy costs, depending on your policy. Your provider will be able to offer you advice on assessment or funding procedures.